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Basic BioMix: the optimal start for a resilient plant.


Sustainability is high on our agenda. For example, we develop substrates that contain little or no peat. We are also looking every day for new sustainable raw materials that we can use in our substrates. Thanks to all the research in recent years and the knowledge we have gained from this, we have been able to develop a new substrate raw material.

The Basic BioMix

This is an efficient substrate raw material in which the right biology is ready to start for a resilient and strong cultivation. Thanks to a broad biological composition, Basis BioMix ensures a biological balance in your substrate from the start and therefore a healthy root environment for your plant.

Because we combine the various raw materials of Basis BioMix in advance, the product immediately provides a basis for a balanced soil life. The Basis BioMix is ​​an efficient raw material that can be used effortlessly in all substrates. Especially in peat-poor and peat-free substrates, the Basis BioMix ensures good moisture management, nutrient and pH buffering from the very first use. In the case of peat-containing substrates, it also provides an immediate lower peat share.

The key properties of Basis BioMix:

  • Contains 100% renewable raw materials
  • Ensures a balanced soil life
  • Provides good nutrient, moisture and pH buffering in peat-poor and peat-free substrates
  • It is allowed for organic cultivation
  • It is an energy source for an optimal living environment for soil life through the right combination of raw materials
  • It has good physical properties for water distribution, air content and cohesion.

See here the flyer for more information!

For more information, please contact our Product Manager Nick Vollmer. You can do this via +31 6 51269415 or n.vollmer@lensli.com. You can also contact your account manager.