About Lensli

We have a long, rich history. Knowledge and skills have been passed down from generation to generation. This legacy has resulted in the growth and success of our company.
At a certain stage, soil, growth and crops become an intrinsic part of your DNA. Read more about us, our history and our vision of the future.

Lensli is synonymous with growth. It is what we do, what drives us, and where we excel.  

At Lensli, the ‘Have Fun Growing’ experience is achieved by applying and keeping the promises expressed by our core values. Our core values are the fundamental principle behind everything we do and who we are. These values shape and support our company, brand and identity.

Lensli IS substrate
Our core activity is producing substrates. We have over 120 years of expertise and market knowledge in substrates, research and innovation.

Our aim is to immediately enjoy the benefits of innovative and sustainable solutions that deliver the best results - together with ‘our’ breeders and growers.

We supply our customers with the best ingredients to develop their wonderful products.

Growth is the collective goal at Lensli. The passion to grow is embedded in the crops, our company, the relationship with our customers and in ourselves, as people. These aspects cannot be seen in isolation. Growth can only be achieved by combining these qualities.

Ambition | Vision

We are inquisitive. We have a strong customer focus. We are proud of the quality of our substrates. Our ambition is to supply our growers with the ingredients that lead to success. For the generations of today and tomorrow.

We want to anticipate developments and propose innovative solutions that facilitate growth. Our ambition is to be industry-leading in terms of innovation and sustainability, with a strong focus on the use of renewable raw materials.

Our vision is to facilitate and improve growth. By supplying our customers with high quality products and actively contributing to future innovations that benefit us all. Together with our breeders, growers and employees, we maximise the potential of ‘our potting soil’ every day. To help our customers achieve growth and expand our own knowledge, our employees’ talents and our business activities. A win-win situation.

In its role as specialised knowledge partner, Lensli Substrates’ mission is to achieve growth for its customers. By actively sharing knowledge, continuous product development and a sharp focus on renewable raw materials and long-term partnerships.

Our ambition is to be industry-leading in terms of innovation and sustainability, with a strong focus on the use of renewable raw materials.


Both our production sites have their own story and history.

Katwijk Cuijk production site
Our roots can be traced to the floodplains of the river Waal near Nijmegen, at the beginning of the last century. Clay was extracted from the soil and mixed with peat to produce a substrate in the village of Lent. As time progressed, new substrates were developed using new raw materials.

Initially, the substrates were sold locally, but before long our substrates were transported over increasingly longer distances. The focus also shifted. In the early years, our main market was potted plant growers in the area around Lent. They were later joined by tree nurseries from other regions. As the flow of raw materials coming to the factory grew, the company decided to locate its factory close to water. And our production site can still be found there; in Katwijk Cuijk. This production site supplies our substrate to a wide range of breeders and growers, who grow every imaginable type of horticultural crop, throughout the Netherlands and West Germany. The unique location of our factory allows us to receive raw materials transported by road and water. Our substrates and topping soils are also stored and dispatched from here.

Bleiswijk production site
The story of this site started in Zoeterwoude in 1954. Production originally took place on a barge and focused on making good potting soil mainly destined for vegetable growing. The tree nursery and pot plants segments were added later. Over the years, we acquired an outstanding reputation among growers in the west of the Netherlands thanks to the high quality of our substrates.

A strong, local emphasis on orchid cultivation boosted our development to become the major supplier of orchid substrates. We relocated to a larger production site in Bleiswijk in 2014 so we could continue to meet the demand for substrates. Bleiswijk offers a centrally-located position at the heart of the conurbation in the central-western Netherlands and is home to both our current substrate factory and our head office.

Whether in Cuijk or Bleiswijk, our substrates, knowledge, curiosity, innovation and passion for our product are combined under a single roof. We are Lensli: one team, one brand, one management with a common goal: to make growing fun! For our customers and for us. Our ambition is to be industry-leading in terms of innovation and sustainability, with a strong focus on the use of renewable raw materials.


Welcome to Hörle Torv

our own peat bog in Sweden.

Thanks to its unique properties, we mainly use Hörle Torv sphagnum peat in the seedlings and cuttings, tree nursery and pot plants segments.

Sphagnum moss has been growing in Värnamo, a village in southern Sweden where our peat bogs are located, for thousands of years. The peat bog consists entirely of sphagnum moss. Substrate that incorporates sphagnum moss can absorb water very easily. Sphagnum ensures that water is distributed evenly throughout the pot while its open structure guarantees sufficient air in the substrate in wet conditions.

In 2017, Hörle Torv was awarded the Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP) certificate in recognition of its responsible peat extraction practices. RPP is a transparent certification system for responsible peat extraction. The system was established by an alliance of the European peat industry, scientists and NGOs. If a peat producing company is RPP certified and peat extracting at the site is nearing its end, the peatland is restored to its original, natural condition as closely as possible and returned to become part of the natural surroundings. At Lensli, we are extremely proud of this certification. We firmly believe in the power of planet-positive production, with respect for humans and the environment, to secure the availability of peat as a natural product for the longer term.

We are also committed to the application of alternative, circular solutions and devote a great deal of time and energy to developing sustainable innovations within the scope of our expertise. All to the benefit of healthy growth, today and tomorrow!

Success stories from our customers

Every day, Lensli devotes pleasure and passion to developing and producing substrates for applications in national and international, professional horticulture. We are proud to grow together with our customers! Read more about our customers and their experiences here.


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